What Are The Market Applications For High Concentrations Of Black Masterbatch?
- Jan 16, 2018 -

1, Advanced injection Black Mother: for cosmetic packaging boxes, toys, electrical enclosures and other advanced products.

2, ordinary injection of black Mother: for general daily-use plastic products, industrial containers.

3, advanced blowing film Black Mother: Used for ultra-thin products blow molding coloring.

4, ordinary blowing film black Mother: For general packaging bags, woven bag blow molding coloring.

5, spinning black Mother: for textile fiber spinning coloring, pe black mother pp Black masterbatch pigment particles fine, high concentration, strong coloring, heat, light resistance good.

6, low-level black mother: used to create low quality of color requirements of low-level products, such as garbage cans, low level containers.

7, dedicated black mother: According to the user specified for the products of plastic varieties, the use of the same plastic as a carrier of color masterbatch.

How does black mother help paint? Black Masterbatch gives pigments better dispersibility in products:

A, black mother is the extraordinary amount of pigment evenly attached to the resin and made of aggregates.

B, Color Masterbatch in the production process must be refined treatment of pigments, masterbatch black masterbatch to improve the dispersion of pigments and coloring force. The carrier of the special color Masterbatch is the same as the plastic variety of the products, which has good matching, and the pigment particles can be dispersed in the plastic products well after heating and melting.

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