What Are The Reasons For The Unstable Color Of Injection Molded Products?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

What are the reasons for the unstable color of injection molded products?

Nowadays, the application of plastic casing has been widely used. In life, we are very common. For example, electrical shells, as well as our commonly used washbasins, are all plastic, but in plastic processing, the color is not Stability is a common problem.

1. First of all, it is necessary to check the temperature of the injection molding machine. The color is unstable. It is related to the temperature of the injection molding machine. Therefore, when processing the plastic casing, it must be checked first.

2, sometimes the back pressure is too large, the production cycle is unstable, the production cycle is unstable, and when the time is open, the color will change.

3, the mixer does not mix the toner and raw materials according to the mixing process, such as insufficient time, feeding method or the order of feeding is inconsistent, resulting in uneven color, which is one of the reasons for color instability, so, processing The plastic case is also important to check.

4. Because the humidity of the raw material is too large, the viscosity inside has not spread, and finally the color of the plastic processing is unstable.

5, the amount of water return material is used for a long time, which has a greater impact on light-colored injection molded parts.

6. The grades of raw materials are inconsistent. Due to the different background colors of each raw material, the color of the same toner injection molded parts will be different. Sometimes the same supplier, the batch number is different, the background color will be somewhat biased, so the product with high color deviation requirements, even to control whether the background color of each batch is consistent.

7. If the quality of the toner is too bad, it is not heat-resistant, or if the toner used in the wrong material is not suitable, the color will be unstable.

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