What Is The Fragrance Masterbatch?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Fragrance masterbatch is made from essence and pe/pp/eva carrier, added with various additives. The types of fragrance mainly include floral, fruity and other types of fragrances. The fragrance can be modulated according to customer needs. It can be used for adding fragrance to various plastic products, can improve the market competitiveness of the product; it is easily applied in the process of producing plastic products.


The fragrance retention time of the fragrance masterbatch is determined by different adding ratio, the thickness and shape of the plastic product; in addition, the flowing air, the temperature, and the storage condition of the fragrance masterbatch and final product is also one of the influencing factors.

Addition ratio: use 1%-2% or more masterbatch to cover plastic odor; use 3%-5% to make the terminal product has its own unique fragrance; use 50%-100% can make solid freshener and other products.

Performance and advantages:

With the same adding ratio, our masterbatch’s fragrance retention time is longer, more than six months; Good compatibility; Many types of fragrances and can be customized.


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