What Is The Tackify Masterbatch?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

What Is The Tackify Masterbatch?

The tackify masterbatch PIB60 is a tackified masterbatch containing about 60% high-molecular-weight polyisobutylene (PIB) based on polyethylene as a carrier, and is in the form of a dry, flow-dispersible particulate material. It is mainly used to produce various kinds of polyolefin self-adhesive films, with good lap adhesiveness and peeling stickiness, stable product quality, good use effect, and can be used for food packaging.
The viscosity-increasing masterbatch PIB 60 is a high-performance functional masterbatch manufactured by our company based on the independent research and development of foreign technology and using advanced technology.

Physical characteristics
Exterior          Opaque white dry particles with traces of powder
PIB (polyisobutylene)     57% ~ 63%   BN129-100*
Density (g/cm3)       0.912      BN130-100*

PIB60 is used in the production of LLDPE and LDPE or other polyolefin stretching films such as tray packaging, silage packaging and food packaging.
PIB60 is suitable for both blow molding and tape casting. The resin used with the PIB60 should not contain any slip or opening agents and its density should not exceed 0.923 as this will affect the normal precipitation of the tackifier. The precipitation time required to obtain good tackifying properties is 24-72 hours.

When producing a stretch wrap film for pallet packaging, 3% (weight ratio) PIB60 needs to be added to LLDPE (or mixed resin) for a single-layer blown film. For monolayer cast films, 1 to 2% of PIB60 needs to be added. In multilayer film production lines, PIB60 is usually applied only to the surface layer, and the amount added is related to the use of the layer and its thickness.
Food contact characteristics
     The PIB60 complies with FDA regulations regarding food contact, and it also complies with EC Regulation 90/128/EEC and SGS testing.
Packaging and storage

     The standard packaging of the product is a bag of 20kg or 25kg, a total of 1000kg is packed on a tray with a shrink film.
     Store in a cool place (below 30°C) and avoid direct sunlight and heavy objects.

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