• White Colour Masterbatch

    White Colour Masterbatch

    Useing White colour masterbatch advantage is : color stability, chemical stability, less influence on physical property and mechnical property.Read More

  • Masterbatch For Film Blowing

    Masterbatch For Film Blowing

    Color: All colors Carrier: PE, PP...... Certification: Rohs Appearance: Pellet Application: Film blowing, injection molding, blowing molding, pipe, sheets, wire drawing Packing: 25kg/bagRead More

  • Na2SO4 Filler Masterbatch Manufacturer

    Na2SO4 Filler Masterbatch Manufacturer

    NaSO4 filler masterbatch can be used for middle and low rated blown film products, high-end injection & blowing molding plastic products, can maintain the original whiteness and transparency of the product. The adding ratio of NaSO4 masterbatch is 5%-40% (normally 10% for...Read More

  • White Additive Masterbatch

    White Additive Masterbatch

    Company profile O ur company ’ s full name is Xinyang new material Co., Ltd , established in 2009. S ince its establishment, The company is committed to the pursuit of high quality and innovation . now ,our company have introduced new equipment with an annual production...Read More

  • CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch For Nonwoven Fabrics

    CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch For Nonwoven Fabrics

    Using CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch For Nonwoven Fabrics advantage can reduce the cost maxiumly.Read More

  • Plastic Colorant Masterbatch For Eva Pe

    Plastic Colorant Masterbatch For Eva Pe

    Color: All colors Carrier: PE, PP...... Certification: Rohs 5-7days after confirming the order. Shenzhen/Qingdao/Tianjin/Shanghai/Guangzhou Paper plastic composite bag, N.M. 25kg/bag. Please store in the dry place. Appearance: Pellet Application: Film blowing,...Read More

  • 70% Tio2 White Masterbatch

    70% Tio2 White Masterbatch

    White masterbatch is a white granule composed of resin carrier, titanium dioxide and other additives。 It can be used in blown film, injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding and other processes.Read More

  • Pe Anti Moisture Masterbatch

    Pe Anti Moisture Masterbatch

    Pe-anti-moisture-masterbatch is suitable for all kinds of enterprises using PE recycled plastics for product production. The trace amount of moisture contained in raw materials has a very serious impact on the production of plastic products. Therefore, companies generally use...Read More

  • BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch Who Can Improve Smooth

    BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch Who Can Improve Smooth

    Why use Barium sulfate filler masterbatch in plastic production , because its low price compared with other raw materials, when used in end products, it can maintain the transparency and physical property.Read More

  • Baso4 Filler Masterbatch Plastic Bags

    Baso4 Filler Masterbatch Plastic Bags

    BaSO4 filler masterbatch takes PE/PP, styrene resin as carrier, BaSO4 as the main component, compounded with paraffin wax and other additives, extruded with high-speed mixer, and then being air cooled. The amount of addition depends on the customer’s use effect. With...Read More

  • Plastic Compounds Masterbatch

    Plastic Compounds Masterbatch

    The plastic masterbatch is a compound made by filling a plastic additive in a resin in an excessive amount.Read More

  • Plastic Masterbatch Pe

    Plastic Masterbatch Pe

    Company profile Xinyang New Materials co., Ltd is located in Shandong Province, China. It is a manufacture and trade company which specialized in de-foaming masterbatch, color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, has affirmed its position in not only national but also...Read More

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